Passwordless IAM
with Okta

Provide your workforce with a passwordless login and risk-based authorization for secure access to applications and data.

Increasingly, workforces are using cloud applications across a variety of devices. Deploying a single sign-on was a great first step; however, access to Okta is still managed with a username and password. 

We’ve partnered with Okta to provide your end-users with a seamless login experience to Okta and all of your single sign-on-enabled applications. By integrating passwordless authentication into your Okta SSO environment, you can eliminate passwords and protect your organization from risks such as account takeover and unauthorized access. With a few simple configuration changes, you can add Beyond Identity as a delegate identity provider in your Okta SSO environment to get up and running in minutes. 

Go passwordless

Employees don’t have to create, remember, or change passwords to their single sign-on applications. And without passwords, there is nothing for attackers to phish, steal, and use for account takeovers.

Eliminate friction

Employees can use Beyond Identity’s authenticator application on each of their devices – they no longer have to pick up their phone or a physical hardware token every time they need to log in.

Reduce IT and Help Desk costs

Employees can self-register, add, and recover devices to authenticate into their applications. Employees can extend access to multiple devices and manage these devices themselves, reducing lockouts and help desk tickets.

Improve security

Behind the scenes, the Beyond Identity authenticator application is powered by asymmetric-key cryptography and X.509 certificates, giving it the same high level of security and scalability as TLS (the lock in the browser), without any of the hassle of managing keys. The Beyond Identity platform completely manages all certificates so IT does not have to.

Create an immutable record of each login transaction

View and export an immutable record of each login transaction, including who accessed which application and the security posture of each device at the time of login for streamlined audit and compliance reporting.

Connecting Beyond Identity to Okta SSO

Simply add Beyond Identity as a delegate identity provider in an existing Okta environment. The integration requires only a few minor configuration settings within Okta and does not require any coding. When an end-user requests access to a single sign-on application, it delegates authentication responsibilities to Okta, and Okta subsequently delegates to Beyond Identity. Beyond Identity is a cloud-native solution that employs standard OpenID Connect flows.

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