A Look Inside Beyond Identity and Okta’s Passwordless Single Sign-On Integration

A Look Inside Beyond Identity and Okta’s Passwordless Single Sign-On Integration

Katie Wah

Beyond Identity’s integration with Okta provides workforces with a secure, passwordless login to enterprise applications through Okta’s single sign-on platform. Integrating Beyond Identity with Okta SSO enables your workforce (e.g., employees, consultants, contractors, suppliers, etc.) to securely and effortlessly gain access to their cloud applications. It fundamentally changes the way users authenticate into applications by eliminating passwords and providing an audit trail of every employee, the applications they’re accessing, and the device’s precise security posture at the time of login.

This integration provides employees with a passwordless login to okta.com, Okta native applications, and all cloud enterprise applications. Once enrolled, employees can visit their Okta instance or directly sign in to native applications on their desktop and mobile device. Okta will ask the user to enter their username. Once the username is submitted, the Beyond Identity app will authenticate the user into the Okta application, without the use of a password.

“Organizations that use Okta for SSO are taking key steps toward eliminating their reliance on insecure authentication methods that are based on passwords,” said Tom (TJ) Jermoluk, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Identity. “Our integration with Okta helps customers increase the value of their SSO investments by providing employees with a frictionless login experience to all of their Okta applications.”

Together, Beyond Identity and Okta integrate to help companies:

  • Eliminate passwords: Employees don’t need to create, remember, or change passwords, reducing the risk of inappropriate access and account takeovers.
  • Improve the login experience: Employees don’t need to pick up an external hardware device every time they want to log in to an application.
  • Provide an immutable record of each login transaction: Admins can view and export a machine-verifiable audit trail that details who accessed each application, from which device, and the device’s security posture.
  • Reduce IT Costs and Overhead: Employees can self-register, add, recover, and remove devices themselves, reducing costly help desk calls.


What’s the login experience?


How to Get Started

Beyond Identity for Workforces is a cloud-native solution that is implemented as a delegate identity provider in your Okta instance. In this scenario, the corporate application delegates to Okta, and Okta subsequently delegates authentication responsibilities to Beyond Identity. Our solution employs standard OpenID Connect flows, so enabling Okta to incorporate the Beyond Identity passwordless experience requires only a few minor configuration settings. 

How It Works

Remove the password and empower your employees to access your Okta single sign-on applications with a local biometric and Beyond Identity’s authentication app. Once employees register and bind their desktop, mobile, and tablet device(s) to the Beyond Identity authentication app, they can seamlessly log in to their single sign-on applications without a password. When employees request access to a web-based or native application, the Beyond Identity authentication app launches on the device that is requesting access to the application and verifies the user. The Beyond Identity app is supported on all major devices’ operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

The Beyond Identity authenticator application is powered by highly secure asymmetric-key cryptography and X.509 certificates, without the cost or hassle of managing certificates. It’s the same bullet-proof and scalable solution employed in TLS that yields the “lock in the browser” and protects trillions of dollars of transactions daily. Employees can easily self-register, add, and remove devices without the need for help desk or IT intervention, reducing costs and lockouts.

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