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Pandemic Could Accelerate Passwordless Authentication

May 7, 2020

As we celebrate another World Password Day, security pros are hopeful that when we move out of the stay-at-home period, companies will continue to focus on digital technologies - and ditching passwords.

These former Netscape execs helped create the password as we know it. Their new startup Beyond Identity now raised $30 million to kill passwords forever.

April 29, 2020
Jim Clark and Tom Jermoluk have a personal history with passwords, which they helped to entrench with systems they put in place 25 years ago. They see Beyond Identity as a form of apology for what they see as "password hell."

Tom Jermoluk on 'The End of Passwords'

April 20, 2020
With $30 million in funding, Silicon Valley icons Jim Clark and Tom (TJ) Jermoluk launched Beyond Identity, a new identity management platform that promises "the end of passwords." Jermoluk discusses the technology and how this is a continuation of what he and Clark started 25 years ago.

Post Pandemic, Technologists Pose Secure Certification for Immunity

April 16, 2020
Going digital with immunity passports could speed rollout and allow for better warnings of potential hot spots. But security and privacy issues remain.